Sandi and Bill gave two presentations to the Litchfield Park Historical Society January of 2020.  There were a total of 160 attendees in all, and most found it very interesting.  They brought several props from the museum and talked not only about Lt. Frank Luke Jr. but the significance of WWI and historical people who played critical rolls in WWII.  They gave them many little known facts about Frank Jr. and the war which stirred good interest.

Our warehouse and office in Goodyear is now the official site of the 1st Lt. Frank Luke Jr. Memorial Museum. We are currently receiving financial donations and display donations to the museum and our efforts to bring history to life. Please contact me at C: 602-677-6175 for more information.

Lt. Col. Bill Simon, U.S. Army (retired)


Frank Luke Jr. (May 19, 1897 – September 29, 1918)

1st Lt. Frank Luke Jr. Memorial Museum and Research Center ,llc


Bringing history to life

April, 2020
We have expanded our Luke Museum to Flite Goodyear and have all our vehicles and the USS Arizona replica on display there. 

June, 2020
New addition to Luke Museum!!!

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation from Falcon Field is storing and exhibiting this 1966 Bell Helicopter in our hanger.  This Vietnam hero has a crash record of five times and had over 47 bullet holes,(repaired) in its body.  I am getting a more detailed history on this ship for our visitors.  The foundation is currently working on restoration of a Cobra helicopter that they plan to store with us in the fall.  We are truly becoming a history museum.   

*January 23rd  (Thursday) Luke Museum & Desert Warriors quarterly meeting at Staybridge Inn starting at 6:30 PM
*February 22th (Saturday) Westgate for Veterans Car Show(
see 'NOTES' below Video Menu) --CANCELLED
*March 21st & 22nd (Saturday & Sunday)  CANCELLED-Actually 3 days with setup at Luke AFB for air show.  Two large displays, military vehicles and one for helicopter/air display.  Similar to 2018 layout and position once confirmed with Luke officials. 
Please let me know if you can use diesel fuel for your vehicle in case Luke offers fuel for participants.  I will be requesting aviation fuel for our fly-in Cobra.
Show times and specifics to follow as they are furnished.
Please let me know if you will be coming to the above events and if you are bringing a military vehicle or airship for staging/planning purposes.

*April Quarterly Meeting-CANCELLED

Bill Simon
C: 602-677-6175